Most of commercial buildings are conditioned with either the package unit or split systems. Package units are normally installed on the roof on the roof curb and force the air through the curb to the ducts installed inside the building and then distributed to various rooms. Which are some of supply ducts to supply the conditioned air to the rooms and other to bring the air back to the unit that is called return air.

Package unit is called package consists of electric cooling and gas heating. The various parts of systems are Condenser, Evaporator, Compressor, Condenser Fan Motor, Blower Motor and Heat Exchanger. Split system has separated parts as condensing unit and evaporator fan coil. Fan coil usually installed inside the building and then connected to supply and return ducts and then to registers or diffusers.

ACR Service company Repair; Diagnose electrical control system, Service and Install all brands of rooftop package units, split air conditioning systems. We also repair and install Exhaust systems, boilers, chillers and small water towers.


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